Double Down Dice Game for Near Doubles Addition Strategy - Freebie

Make practicing math facts fun with this double down dice game for the near doubles addition strategy. 

Click on the image below to receive your copy of the game for free!

This math game helps students practice their near doubles facts. An example of a near doubles fact is 5+6.  They need to use 5+5=10 so 5+5+1=11.  That needs to translate to 5+6=11.  

When we played, I had 16 students in class.  This worked out perfectly for rotating partners.  I had 4 tables of 4 students.  I paired them up with a partner and let them play for 5 minutes.  After 5 minutes, the students added their sums.  The partner with the highest total was the winner.  He/she became partners with the winner of the other pair at the table.  The non-winners (I didn't call them losers) paired up and played another round.  I continued this until math was over.  We had a short math period this day, so the students really only played for about 25 minutes or so.  They were engaged the whole time and were so sad when they had to clean up.  As they left math, they were asking me when they'd get to play again.  I love when I find a game that works and they love.

Here is a picture of how they recorded in their journals instead of on the recording sheet.

If you would like to download this game, click here.  I would love to hear the reaction of your students.  Let me know if they love it as much as my students do!

Thank you for reading and being a loyal follower!  I hope to have much more to share with you in the near future.

What games do you like to play with your students in math?  If you have a link to a product (free or paid) please share it with us!


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