Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Classroom Reveal

I'm so excited to be joining the #2getherwearebetter classroom reveal party today!  My students went back to school last week, so I've had plenty of time to take some pictures.

This is what my room looked like when I walked in for the first time near the end of summer.  All the furniture was in the front of the room where I left it!

I spent a little time in my room before I officially had to go back.  All I did that day was set up the desks and move the furniture into place.  I didn't want to spend too much time there because I wanted to soak up my last few days of summer.

Look how neat everything looks!

And then I spent time setting up my room.  Here is my door - I love turtles and have tried to incorporate it into my room as best as I can!  Each turtle has a name of a student on it.

Right inside the door is my attendance graph.  It is on the filing cabinet and in a perfect place for my students to sign in as soon as they walk in the room.  Each day I ask a different question for them to answer.  It helps me with taking attendance because I can just look at the names still on the left to see who is absent.  That is - unless a student forgets.  I spend a good 2-3 weeks in the beginning of the year reminding students to sign in until they all remember!

Here's the view of my room showing that it was ready for open house.  My students come in the Friday before school starts to meet me and unpack their supplies.

Here's my student work board.  I hung up advice from last year's bunch so the board wasn't empty.  It now has work from this year's bunch!

My students fill out a calendar page each month and write about special events that happen throughout the year.  At the end of the year, we put the pages together to make a yearbook.  I'm trying something new this year.  I'm hopeful that my students will be able to file their own yearbook pages when they finish with them so I don't have to take time to do that throughout the year.  I'll let you know how it goes!

Loving these bathroom passes!  I downloaded the labels here.  Since the toner needs to be replaced in our color printer at school, I just printed them in black and white and colored in the labels myself.  When the hand sanitizer runs out in each bottle, I will just pour some more in from a larger bottle so I don't have to move the labels over or print more.

Here's a picture of my bins.  Those are papers to hand out, completed work, and lost and found.

This is my turtle calendar that I love!  Next to it is my jobs.  I change jobs every week.

This is where I keep the daily schedule.  If you like the cards, you can get them in my store here.

At the other end of the board is where I keep my headings for the different subjects I teach.  Right now, I'm ready to put up a math warmup in the empty spot!

Here you can see where I store some reading materials.  Those are bins for each reading group - I keep their books in there.  I also have a drawer for each group where I keep worksheets and other materials for their group.

I love this bulletin board.  It says, "It's Smooth Sailing in Mrs. Shockey's Second Grade" and I have a boat up for each student.  Eventually, I'll turn this board into something related to reading for reading groups.

Here you can see my noise level charts, our classroom rules, and our table points chart.

When my students get their planners, I will use this chart to record their homework and important events.

The last thing I want to share with you is my pointers jar.  I got these pointers over the summer at Target.  I got one of each color.  I can't wait until we start to use these!

Head back over to Angie's post or Ashley's post to see more classroom reveal pictures!

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  1. I love how you consistently keep your turtle theme through out the room. You must really love turtles, eh? :D

    The Whimsical Teacher

  2. Too adorable!! Love the turtle theme!! And the turtle calendar is the cutest thing ever!!!! Love it!!!!

    xoxo, Danielle at Once Upon First Grade