Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tips for Mentoring a Student Teacher - Communicating

I hope you found my third set of tips useful! You can click on the picture above to see all the posts in this series.

Communication is very important when working with your student teacher.

As soon as your student teacher takes on responsibilities, it is important to communicate with him/her.  You need to make sure your expectations are clear.

Here are a few simple guidelines to remember:

1.  If a problem comes up, discuss it IMMEDIATELY!  Don't wait.  It won't resolve itself on its own.  Even if you think it will just go away.  It won't.  So talk about something when it is a little problem so you don't have to deal with it as a big problem.

2.  Make sure to give verbal and written feedback after lessons.

3.  Ask your student teacher how he/she thinks things went.  Get their opinion before giving yours.  This encourages reflection.

To go along with these blog posts, I have created a guide. This guide will be for sale in my TpT store. It is currently $3.50 in my store! If you purchase it now, you will be able to get all the updates for free just by downloading it again when I add tips to it. The graphic below shows you the printables you will get in addition to the pages of tips that are summarized here.

You might be wondering why you should purchase it since I'll be listing the tips for free here. Well, in addition to keeping all the tips together in a uniform guide, I will be creating printables that you can use with your own student teacher. You won't be able to get those here on my blog.

Remember, the price will go up in 2 weeks when I post the next tip here on my blog!

Here's a guide for you so you can see when to expect the tips.

What other tips do you have about communicating with your student teacher?

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