Monday, October 20, 2014

Games for Place Value Dice

Last week I showed you some place value manipulatives that you just have to have for your classroom.

Remember these?

Have your students get in groups of 3.  Assign a place value to each person - hundreds, tens, and ones.  That person is in charge of rolling that place value dice.  Groups can practice making numbers using standard form, word form, and expanded form.  If you want them to write down their numbers, they can use this chart.  It's free!

Do you have dry erase boards for your students to use?  Like this?

Give each student a partner.  Have partners sit back to back.  Partner A gets to use the dry erase board, so make sure they also have a dry erase marker and an eraser.  Partner B gets to hold on to the place value dice.  Partner B will roll the dice and use clues to tell Partner A what number was rolled.  

If Partner B rolled the dice that are pictured above, he or she would say something like, "My number has 4 hundreds, 2 tens, and 6 ones."  Partner A would write it on the white board.  When Partner A is finished, both partners will turn to face each other.  If they get it right, they can high five.  Then the partners will switch, so now Partner A gets to roll the dice and Partner B gets to write.

I like to have my students challenge each other.  So they don't always say the numbers in order of place value.  They might say the tens first or the ones first.  It really gets them thinking.

What place value games do your students love?

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