Thursday, September 11, 2014

Weekly Tip - Management - Three Before Me Posters - Freebie!!

Who is ready for a management tip?

How many times do students ask you questions about things that you just said?  Or how many times do students try to interrupt you during reading groups?

I use "Ask 3 Before Me" with my students.  They are told to ask 3 other people before they can ask me.  If 3 people can't answer their question, it usually means I didn't do a good job in explaining directions.

Many times when students have a question, it is because they weren't listening in the first place.  They will have to do more work to get the answer to their question and hopefully learn to start listening to directions.

I created this poster to display in my room so students are reminded of the 3 Before Me rule.  I printed out the black and white copy and then just colored in the boxes before I laminated it.

You can get a copy of these posters for free!  I've included the black and white copy as well as 8 other colors.  Take your pick!  Just click on the picture below to download.

Now, head on over to Kelsea's page to see this week's tips for teachers!
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  1. Another great tip, Cheryl! I used to do this with students as well but I like how you created a poster to remind them. Thanks for linking up with me again this week!