Thursday, September 18, 2014

Weekly Tip for Teachers - Organization - Student Numbers

I assign numbers to my students.  This is very helpful when checking to see who has turned in work and who has not.  It's also helpful when returning papers to students.

In order for my students to learn their numbers, I write them on their name tags.  This way, they see it all the time and have it to reference when completing their work.

One way the numbers help me is for their mailboxes.  Last year, I labeled them with stickers with their numbers, but they started peeling off throughout the year and were difficult to read with papers in the mailboxes.

I saw this strategy on Pinterest and decided I needed to try it!  I tried peeling off the labels that I used last year, but they were stuck, so I just left them.

I got enough binder clips for my mailboxes.  I wrote student numbers on stickers and put those stickers on the binder clips.  Then I put each binder clip on the mailbox slot.

My hope is that they will be easier to read throughout the year and won't peel off.

At my school, we only hand out school mail to students who are the youngest or only at the school.  I don't have it pictured here, but I have red dots next to the numbers of students who do not receive the school papers because they have a younger brother or sister at the school.  I also put a star next to their numbers on their name tags, so it's really easy to see who gets specific mail from the school.

How do you handle returning papers to students?

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  1. Numbers are a great way to organize. I love your idea of putting a red dot by those students who don't get papers. We also did the youngest or only to receive papers like the school newsletter...this would have been really helpful. Also love the binder clip idea! Thanks for linking up with me again this week :)

    1. I love linking up with you! Keeps me posting each week! The red dot next to students who don't get papers makes it easy when someone else besides me files papers.