Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tips for Teachers - Management AND Random - Calming Jars

I'm back to link up again!  This time I'm bringing you a management/random tip.  Again, I can't decide which category!


I found this idea on Pinterest 2 summers ago.  I don't have credit for it, but I have pictures and directions!

Shopping list -
-mason jars (as many as you want for this project)
-glitter glue to match the color of your glitter

1.  Fill your mason jar almost completely full with HOT water.  The hot water melts the glue in order for the jar to work well.
2.  Pour some glitter into the bottom of the jar.  How much depends on the size of your jar.  I think I probably filled my jar about 1/8 of the way.
3.  Squeeze the glitter glue into the jar.
4.  After you have as much glue as you want, stir the glue and the glitter to make sure it is spread out throughout the jar.
5.  Put the lid on.  I suggest using a hot glue gun to seal the lid, especially if your students are going to be using these jars.
6.  Turn the jar upside down or shake it slightly to watch the glitter fall.

Here are my finished jars:

You can use these jars as part of a calm down station.  My students loved looking at these throughout the day.  You do need to set boundaries as to how they are supposed to be handled.

My students knew they could only turn it over once and then they had to set it on the table to watch.  If they were seen shaking it or playing with it, they would lose it.

This is a management tip because you can definitely use it to manage behavior.  It could be a reward or like I mentioned earlier, as a way to take a break and calm down.

It definitely does it's job!  I feel much better after sitting down to watch these.  The teachers at my school joked that I made them for the teachers to use and not the students.

How would you use these in your classroom?

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  1. Thanks for linking up with me again this week, Cheryl! These jars look like a fun project and I love how you use them to calm students :)

    1. They are so fun! Haven't introduced them to my class this year yet. I like to wait and see how the students behave the first week before showing them the jars. It is on the agenda for next week though!