Sunday, August 17, 2014

5 Uses for Wooden ABC Blocks in the Classroom

I spent a few days this summer watching my 9 month old nephew (he's almost 10 months now!!).  He has those blocks that every baby has.  You know, the colorful ones with letters, numbers, and pictures?  These...

So anyway, while he was crawling around, my wheels were turning.  And I decided I need to have these for my classroom.

You might be wondering, but don't you teach 2nd graders?  What could they possibly do with those blocks?

I'm glad you're here, so I can share that with you!

Spelling - This is a simple idea, but the blocks could definitely be used in a spelling center.  Students can use them to make all their spelling words.

 You can have them write down their words after they build them with the blocks so they continue to practice writing the words.

Making Words - Students could pick 5-8 letters and see how many different words they could make using some or all of the letters.  The teacher could select certain letters that the students use or the students could pick.  Up to you!

Writing -  Well, since there are numbers, letters, and pictures on each block, students could pick one block and write about everything on the block.

The block I picked has the letters L, Y, and E, a picture of a pretzel and a leaf, and the number 2.  My story would include all of those things.  Maybe the letters can form a name of a character.  Or maybe the letters need to be used to create 3 characters - one name starting with each letter.  The number needs to be used throughout the story (similar to how fairy tales usually use the number 3 and 7).

Let your students be creative with this!

ABC Order - If your students need to practice putting letters in ABC order, they can pick some blocks and using the colored letters, put them in ABC order.

If you wanted to extend this activity, you could have the students come up with words that start with each of the letters they put in ABC order.  Or you could just have them write down what they came up with.  Again, it's up to you!

Rhyming Words - Students can look at the picture on a block and see how many words they can come up with that rhyme with the picture.  Since some of the pictures are difficult to rhyme with, certain blocks should be used or students need to know that they can pick a different picture if they are having trouble.

What other ways can you think of to use these blocks in the classroom?

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