Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tech Tip - Rewind - LearnZillion

Today's Tech Tip is a rewind from February 2014 about LearnZillion.  I wanted to post about this again because they have changed some of their features.

Here is some updated information.

To access LearnZillion, you need to create a free account or you can just log in with your Google account. Once you are logged in, you will see the following page.  At the bottom you can click on the different options, including the full math curriculum for grades K-8.

If you know a math standard that you are teaching and want resources for, you can type the standard into the search box.  Or you can just explore by clicking on the links.
Once you click on Full Math Curriculum, you will see the grade levels.  As I mentioned earlier, it goes up through 8th grade.  Also, you can see that each grade level has a different color.  When searching for 2nd grade videos/lessons, you know you are using the correct grade level if it is pink.
Once you click on your grade level, it will show you all the units that you should be teaching throughout the year.
Once you click on your selected unit, you will see more information about that specific unit.  It will also give you all the lessons/videos connected to that unit.
I don't always have access to the computer lab so I just show the videos in front of the whole class.  If you have access to computers or iPads, you could have individual students watch the videos.  You can assign different videos to different students by clicking on the orange assign button at the top of the video.  You have to be logged in to the site to take advantage of this feature.

How have you used LearnZillion in your classroom?  Have you used a similar site that you want to share with us?

*Disclaimer: I am not being compensated for reviewing this site.  I chose to do this on my own because I love using it in my classroom.

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