Monday, September 21, 2015

Movie Clip Monday - Schoolhouse Rock - Adjectives and Adverbs

Last week, I taught my students about adjectives and adverbs.  We watched these Schoolhouse Rock videos to kick off our lessons.

After watching the adjectives video, my students worked in their table groups to describe objects using as many adjectives as they could.

After watching the adverb video, my students were given sentences with missing adverbs and had to come up with words that would make sense in the sentences.

As a final activity for this standard, my students created a silly story similar to mad libs where they had to fill in missing adjectives and adverbs.  They loved it!

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Each week I will feature a movie here on my blog.  It might be a video clip from YouTube, a Brain Pop video, or some other video I've found online.  The videos might be motivational, educational, or just funny things!

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