Wednesday, July 8, 2015

TpT Seller Challenge - Make Your Masterpiece

I finished a product!  This TpT Seller Challenge was definitely motivating.  I've had these made for awhile because I used them with my advanced math students during April/May.  I just had to make them nice and neat for my store.

The bundle includes all 8 individual products.  You can download one specific set of facts or you can buy all the facts.  It is a great product to leave with a substitute.  I included answer keys so the substitute could help you grade.  You could also send these worksheets home for homework.

I gave my students a packet at the beginning of the week when we learned a new strategy.  They kept it in their take home folders so they could practice at home or during class if they finished their other work early.  I used it to enrich some of my more advanced students.

The graphic above links to the bundle.  If you want to go directly to a specific fact set, click on the cover below.

Stay tuned until Friday when I have a special announcement!

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