Sunday, May 3, 2015

Pinterest Pick 3 - May

I'm so excited to join up with other bloggers to bring you our top Pinterest picks of the month.  These will be fun activities you can do with your students throughout the month.  I'll be back each month with my top 3 picks and I'll link to it on Pinterest so you can access it yourself!

Memory Wheels

These memory wheels look like the perfect filler for those long days at the end of the school year!  Students get to think of everything they remember from the year.  They write a few sentences and illustrate pictures for each memory.  The teacher who wrote about these memory wheels puts them up in the beginning of the year for her new students to see all the exciting things they will do during the year!

Mother's Day Craft

I love this Mother's Day craft.  It makes me wish I was young enough to get away with this as a gift.  Who knows, maybe I'll start bringing back the little girl crafts for my mom.  It would certainly make her laugh!

End of the School Year Photos

I'm definitely in the mood for those last few days of school.  This would be so cute to make with your class.  Definitely a good one to use right around Career Day.  I know our school has career day for third through fifth graders.  What a cute idea to ask the students to pick their own careers after they learn about different ones.

I hope you enjoyed these Pinterest activities.  Try them in your classroom!  Now, go check out everyone else's pins.  Hope you find something fun.  Make sure you check back next month to see what I have for you in June!

If you'd like to link up with us, grab the buttons from my post and share your top 3 Pinterest picks!  Then add your link below.

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  1. Hey, I still make cute, little things for my mom, and she loves them - go for it!
    Hope all is well with you guys. I know the BIG day is coming up soon. Good luck with everything!!

    1. Thanks Lori! Less than 10 weeks now! We're very busy taking care of everything for the wedding, but we're enjoying it. Hope everything is well with you!

  2. I like those memory wheels. I might try something like that. Thanks!

  3. I love those memory wheels! I wish I had started that at the beginning of the year! And the chalk pictures- so cute! Thank you again for joining us! :)