Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Scoop - 4/12

Happy Sunday!  I missed last week due to my birthday and Easter.  I was busy getting my house ready for family to come over.  Spring break is over and I'm back to juggling work, wedding, and TpT.

I started my plans for the week, but I just need to put some finishing touches on them.  I also need to grade papers.  Since I'm now less than 3 months out from my wedding, I can't keep putting off going to the gym.  That's my focus for now!

I need to schedule blog posts for April and May because I know I'm just going to get busier as the end of the school year gets here.  I have a few little things on my wedding to-do list that I'd love to check off.

Today is the first Sunday Orioles game of the season.  I was lucky to go to the first 2 home games, but we're staying home today.  It's better for our wallets this way.  Plus, I can watch the game while doing work!

Have an awesome Sunday!

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1 comment:

  1. My Mom got married yesterday! It was beautiful, but the prep was brutal! She only gave us 3 months to plan! It was perfect, and I'm glad we can rest now.
    Be sure to take time for yourself - teaching is already a huge amount of stress!
    Have a great week!