Friday, April 3, 2015

Pinterest Pick 3 - April

I'm so excited to join up with other bloggers to bring you our top Pinterest picks of the month.  These will be fun activities you can do with your students throughout the month.  I'll be back each month with my top 3 picks and I'll link to it on Pinterest so you can access it yourself!

We Love the Earth Anchor Chart

Earth Day is April 22.  This anchor chart is a great way to kick off lessons about Earth Day.  Students can work in partners, table groups, or whole class to brainstorm things they can do to protect the Earth.  After brainstorming the ideas, students can complete a writing activity that incorporates their ideas.  Whatever you'd like!

Earth Day Flip Book

To go along with the anchor chart, students can create this flip book to explain what will happen to the Earth if they don't do the things they listed on the anchor chart.  You could give them this exact flip book or you could have the students pick 4 things from their anchor chart and write what would happen if they didn't do those things.

Cloud and Rain Craft

Since April usually brings rain, I saw this cloud and rain craft.  I love the stained glass part of the raindrops.

I hope you enjoyed these Pinterest activities.  Try them in your classroom!  Now, go check out everyone else's pins.  Hope you find something fun.  Make sure you check back next month to see what I have for you in May!

If you'd like to link up with us, grab the buttons from my post and share your top 3 Pinterest picks!  Then add your link below.

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  1. That cloud with the rain drops is so cute!

  2. I love the cloud with raindrops project! How CUTE!!!

  3. Loved getting the simple freebie flip book. Thanks for sharing it. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  4. I love your Earth Day pins! Thanks! I’ve added them to my collection!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your great Earth Day pins! So many great ideas! :)