Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tech Tip Tuesday - Linky Parties

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During #tptchat on Twitter, we were discussing how to run linky parties and linkup with other bloggers.  Since it was too much to explain in 140 characters on Twitter, I decided to make it a Tech Tip!

Today's tip is how to linkup with other bloggers for their linky parties.

What is a linky party?  A blogger or a group of bloggers come up with a theme for a blog post.  Then they encourage others to blog on the same theme.  Bloggers are encouraged to share the link to their post on a host site.  This is where you see thumbnails and links to other posts on the same theme.  My tech tips are linky parties where I encourage others to blog about a tech tip and then add their link to my original post.  The idea is to write blog posts on similar topics and link the posts together so readers can find the different posts.

How do I link up?  When you see a linky party that you'd like to participate in, you should first read the rules of the linky.  Usually the creator has specifics that should be used in your post.  Make sure you always follow those rules!

After reading the rules, compose your blog post.  Make sure you include any specific graphics and a link back to the original post.

Once your post is published, copy and paste the link to your post.  You want to make sure it is for the post itself and not just your blog.  Say I want to link up this blog post to a linky party.  I'd use http://techieturtleteacher.blogspot.com/2015/03/tech-tip-tuesday-linky-parties.html instead of just http://techieturtleteacher.blogspot.com/.

Go back to the original post with the linky posted.  Scroll to the bottom until you see the button that says add your link.

If the linky party creator has used inlinkz, this is the page that you will see.  You need to add the three pieces of information in order to link up.

Paste the link to your blog post in the link box.  The link title will appear.  You can change this if you'd like or just leave it as the default.

You also need to leave your email address.  This is not shown on the linky and is important to include so the creator can contact you if needed.  Make sure you leave your correct email address.

The last thing you need to do is add a graphic.  (That's assuming you are linking up to a linky party that includes thumbnails.)  After you add your link, image options will appear at the bottom.  Pick the one you want and then scroll down to click on the done button.  You could also upload your own graphic or paste the link to the graphic hosted on another site.  It's up to you!

Not too difficult to link up to linky parties.

Personal plug here - now go write some posts about video clips, tech tips, or freebies and get them ready to link up with me this week!  I'd love to have more people link up with me each week.  I always pin and tweet submissions to my linky parties.  I'd love to share your posts!

If you are interested in getting the codes for linking up early, you can find them in this folder on Google Drive. Once the link up closes, I will delete the file for that linkup so you can be sure to find the current ones. You don't HAVE to link up early, but the option is always there if you'd like. Just make sure you have the correct publish date/time and have clicked publish. If links aren't working when I check after 7 am EST on publish date, I will delete the link and send you an email so you can link up again after your post is published.

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  1. Hi Cheryl! What a great idea to post about how linky parties work... I know I had a lot to figure out and your explanation was really helpful. I would love to link up with you as well. Thanks for linking up! Great idea to help each other and share with more people!
    Once Upon a Classroom: A Teacher's Tales

  2. How do people that are not hosting the linkup have the thumbnails of all the people in the linky at the bottom of the page and an option for others to link up? I have not figured that out...