Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tech Tip Tuesday - Latergram

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I was going to show you some other templates I make on my computer this week, but then I started playing around with Latergram and I just had to share this with you!!

What is Latergram?

It is the best option for scheduling Instagram posts at the moment.  You pick the date and time you want to post it.  You will then get a notification on your phone at this date and time and it'll give you the option to upload your photo.

Are you ready for this?

First, head on over to Latergram and sign up for your account.  This is my invite link.  If you sign up using my invite link, we will both get an additional 10 free uploads a month.  Once you create your account, you will follow the directions below.

I don't remember all the details, but it asks you for some information when you first sign in.  This is normal so it can set up your account.

It should take you to your dashboard, which will look similar to this.  The only difference is you won't have images added already.  You can see one of the pictures that I have scheduled to post.  On the calendar, you can also see the picture I previously scheduled.

Click on the blue add image button.  The window below will show up.  One tip I have for you is to make sure your graphics are larger than 640px by 640px.  This will make sure you don't have a white border around the edges of your picture.  640px equals 6.67 inches.

When this window pops up, you can drag and drop your image or click on the choose an image button to upload your picture.

Underneath that box you can see that I have 28 uploads left this month.  With the free account, you get 30 uploads a month.  That is plenty for me!

Then add your caption in the box.

Another suggestion I have is to NOT schedule the date and time in this box.  Each time I tried it, the next step froze.  You can schedule the date and time in a later step.  Below you can see that I have my graphic uploaded and my caption typed into the box.

Again, see how I left the date and time boxes empty?  Do this to make it easier to post.  Once you have your caption, then you can click on create post.

Now your graphic appears in the sidebar.  There is not a label on the bottom of my new graphic so that means it is still unscheduled.

Now you can drag the graphic to the date and time on the calendar.  So you can see that I picked 6pm today.  I picked this time because I know I'll be home and able to post the graphic then.

Now, you need to grab your phone.  You want to download the latergram app and log in with the account you created earlier.

When you log in, you will see this screen.  You can look at all your unscheduled, scheduled, and posted graphics.

When you get the notification on your phone, it'll basically take you right to Instagram.  Your caption will still be there and all you have to do is publish your photo.

So you can see that it isn't exactly automatic.  The reason for this is Instagram does not allow third-party apps to post to their site.  Since Latergram is linked to Instagram, you are not violating Instagram's policy.  Instagram is still the one posting the photo.

Are you ready to try Latergram?  Use my link and we both get an additional 10 more posts a month!

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