Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Scoop - 3/29

Happy Sunday!

Since I'm on spring break, most of my things are what I want to accomplish before I go back to work on April 7.

Unfortunately, I need to finish my report cards.  Even though we had the afternoon without kids on Friday to work on report cards, I was still working on grading.  So I actually need to finish grading so I can finish report cards.

I've been saving some wedding errands for spring break.
-pick up marriage license
-purchase wedding bands
-hair and makeup trial
-pick up one of my bridesmaid's dresses
-order another bridesmaid's dress
-address invitations
-write thank you notes from my bridal shower at work

My co-worker and I are both being fully evaluated this year and we are holding each other accountable by getting together to work on our artifacts together.  It will be nice to catch up with her as well!

I hope to finish a few new products for my store.  I need to get my April word problems posted soon.  Can't believe it's almost April!

I also hope to get back into a regular exercise routine.  I keep saying this, but spring break is the perfect time to put this into action.

Today is my grandfather's birthday.  My family is going to visit him to celebrate.  It'll be nice to see my grandparents again.  I haven't seen them since Christmas so it's been awhile.

Have an awesome Sunday!  Enjoy your week.

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  1. glad I'm done with mine for the year. What type of workout routine are you planning to start? Once the weather gets nicer, I have no excuse not to get out and exercise myself. Enjoy your week off :-)

  2. When you think you are done with wedding errands, you'll think of 20 more, lol. Take pictures of your hair and makeup trials! We want to see! <3
    Daisy Designs

  3. Wow! It sounds like your Spring Break is going to be busy! I still have 2 more weeks until my Spring Break. I hope you enjoy your time off and get everything done. {Take some time to relax too though!}