Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tech Tip Tuesday - Twitter Tip

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Today's tech tip is a very simple one!  If you use Twitter, I have a trick for you to use.  You might have seen it but not realize the purpose.

Have you ever sent a tweet where you've tagged someone in the beginning of the tweet?  Well, the only user that will see that in their feed is the person you've tagged.  That's great if you only want that person to see your tweet.

But what if you want all of your followers to see that tweet?  It's simple!  Just add a period right before the @ sign in your tweet.  This will still notify the person you've tagged, but it will also make sure that it shows up in your followers' feeds!

See this?

Erintegration was notified of this tweet and all my followers saw it.  I wanted to make sure my followers saw this and not just Erin.

Easy, right?

What other Twitter tricks are you aware of?

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