Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Scoop - 2/15

Happy Sunday!

We had conferences last week and I had some downtime to start my planning for next week.  Wasn't able to finish it all though, so I've gotta do that.  Will probably get to it tomorrow though on my day off!

We had a meeting about our family night and I have some work to do to help get ready for that.  I need to get a head start on it so I'm ready for our next meeting in about a week.

The parents were very excited about my new math resource site when I showed it to them during conferences.  I need to write a few more posts so they know I'm serious about using it.

My friend and I are going to another bridal show this morning!  I'm excited about it!  I hope I get some more ideas.

I need to do my weekly grocery shopping tomorrow so I hope to make our grocery list today.

My fiance and I are going to Melting Pot tonight to celebrate Valentine's Day.  We haven't been since our first anniversary so we're looking forward to it!  I need to make sure I barely eat all day so I'll have room for everything tonight.

Have an awesome Sunday!

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  1. Have fun at your bridal show! I remember how exciting it was planning my wedding, but it's a lot of work too. I hope you get some great ideas! Enjoy your long weekend and night out too. :)

  2. The Melting Pot sounds yummy!
    Hope you two have a great time.

  3. We have a Melting Pot in Columbus and I've always wanted to go, but never had the chance. Hope you had a wonderful time...and get everything caught up!

  4. Enjoy the melting pot!! Yummy!! We haven't been in awhile, but it is always so good when we go! Hope you had fun at the bridal show - I always loved going to those when we were wedding planning! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  5. Oh, I LOVE the Melting Pot! When I lived in WA, we went there for happy hour at least once a month. I love to just get a cheese fondue, a chocolate fondue, and a pair a little vino with each! Enjoy!

    Mrs O Knows

  6. Your math resource site sounds interesting! Hope you enjoy your Valentines meal!
    Growing Little Learners