Saturday, February 7, 2015

Highlight of my Week - First time with a Smartboard

I don't have a regular post for today, so I thought I'd share a highlight from my week.  It's not a linky for me.  It's just something I thought about sharing all week!

Yes, the title is true.  This technology lover has never used a Smartboard in her classroom before this week!  Here's my very nerdy story of the week.  I was so excited about this.  Definitely brought energy to my lessons and made for a very fast week!

At my staff meeting this week, I learned how to use the Smartboard that my school has.  We only have one and it hasn't been used frequently by other teachers in the building.  As soon as I heard about it and learned more about using it, I jumped at the chance to use it with my kiddos!  I signed it out for 3 days and rolled the cart down to our pod.

My teammates and I changed our plans for modeling our research project so we could use the Smartboard.  We modeled how to read the information and how to take notes.  So fun and exciting to use for the first time!

Then my wheels were spinning and I thought about how to use it in math the next day.  I was already planning on using my February 2-digit word problems to practice our word problem skills.  So I decided to display the problem on the Smartboard and ask students to come up to highlight or underline the information that we knew and what we were trying to solve in each problem.  They LOVED using the board!

Sorry about the blurry pictures.  It was very difficult to get good pictures while the students were working.

Here you can see one of my students underlining important information in the word problem.  The white space at the bottom of the board was for students to come up to the board to show how they solved the problem.

Here is an example of some of the work the students showed on the board.  You can see a journal at the bottom of the picture.  The students had to show their work in their journals before I called them up to the board.  This student brought the journal up to the board to remember how to show their work.

After using the board in math, I thought about how else I could use it.  The other teachers on my team didn't want to use it, so I lead the lessons and invited different classes out to join us depending on what we were doing.

Earlier in the week, when we modeled how to research an animal, one of our teachers took notes at the same time.  Great idea to help us model other steps in the project!

So I scanned our teacher notes into my computer so I could display the notes and a blank piece of paper at the same time.  We talked about how to write sentences using the information from our notes.  I wrote the sentences on the board.  Then we went back to our notes sheet and highlighted words that were on the note sheet and in our sentences.  The students came up to the board to do this step.

This was so motivating for my students!  When they went back to their seats to write sentences using their own research, they really understood what to do.  I'm not sure they would have done as well if I had done the lesson without the Smartboard.  They were so engaged and they were really able to see how to write their information.

One more lesson I did with the Smartboard was a science lesson.  The students were making predictions about what would cause an ice cube to melt the fastest to the slowest.  I created these stars with the words on them for the different materials we will be testing next week.  The students were able to drag each star down to the bottom to show the order of their predictions.  So interactive!  They loved coming to the board!

I was such a technology nerd this week.  I would love to have a Smartboard in my room permanently!  I'm super jealous of all you teachers who get to use it whenever you want!

Another grade level has signed the board out for the next few weeks, so I will have to go back to doing lessons the way I used to.  But I know I'll be signing out the board again and seeing what other fun things I'll be doing with it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. You will LOVE using a SMART Board in your class. They are so versatile!

  2. I am very lucky to have one in my classroom... our whole district has them in every classroom. I don't know what in the world I would do without it! We use it for every subject, every day. I honestly didn't realize you could have a "portable" SMARTboard? The whole board rolls? Very neat idea for people that don't get to have one permanently. I hope you get to use it more often!