Wednesday, February 11, 2015

HDH and WMW - Skip Counting Activity

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Sometimes the best lessons are those that are last minute ideas.  I've been saying that a lot recently.  But it's true!  I'm here to share another example with you.

This activity can be done as a whole group, small group, or multiple groups working at the same time.  I chose to do it as whole group activity.

The students will sit on the floor in a circle.  You will need something they can pass around the circle.  I use my "talking turtle" which is just a small stuffed turtle.  You can use anything!  It could even be a marker or pencil or something you have in your classroom.  It just helps the students know who should be sharing at the time.

I make sure that I am part of the circle.  It's really motivating to see your teacher participating at the same time.

Pick what you want your students to count by - could be 1s, 5s, 10s, 100s, you name it!  Then pick a starting point.  It could be 0, it could be 3, it could be 27.  Whatever you'd like your students to practice!

The first time I did it, I started with 0 and counted by 5s all the way around the circle.  Then I switched to start on 3.  As the students were counting this time, I was circling the numbers on a hundreds chart so they could see the pattern.  It helped them determine what number came next.

We continued around the circle until the numbers went higher than 100.  Once that happened, I couldn't circle any additional numbers, but they were able to continue skip counting because they recognized the pattern when getting to larger numbers.

After we practiced with 5s, we practiced with 10s.  I did the same thing of circling the numbers as they went.  We started on 7.  The next person in the circle said 17.

Then the students kept counting by 10s and I kept circling the numbers as they went.  I stopped when we got around the circle one time.  The students had to think what would come next after getting to 97.  They didn't need help figuring it out, but if they had, I would have reminded them that the first time we did it, we were really counting 0 hundreds.  I'd ask them to figure out what would happen if we added in another hundred.

I was very proud of how well they did with this activity.  I tried something similar earlier in the year when we started learning how to skip count and it was a disaster.  I mean, disaster.  They had such a difficult time figuring out the next number.  They couldn't even use their fingers to add 5 or 10.  They even had a hundreds chart in front of them and they couldn't do it.  So we've come a long way!

This is a perfect activity if you have a few extra minutes at the end of your lesson.  It doesn't hurt to practice skip counting!

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