Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February Favorite Things - Math Materials

It's the first Wednesday of February, so that means I'm back to share a few of my favorite things!

My favorite things this month are my favorite materials to use during math.

These are my favorite things to use when teaching number sense.  They are magnetic base ten blocks.  Very useful for modeling on the board before sending students back to their seats to use their own base ten blocks.  I've even set these up as a center and the students have used them on the board.  Very motivating!

I love these foam place value dice.  These are large enough to use with the whole class or a small group.  Students can also use them independently.  Since they are foam, they make no noise on desks!  That's the best part!  :)

One last thing I have to have in math is actually 3 things.  I have to have personal white boards, markers, and erasers for each student.  I use these almost every day.  The eraser was just a cheap towel cut into smaller pieces.

Head back over to the Teaching Trio to read about some more favorite things.  You can also link up over there if you'd like!

What are your favorite math materials?

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  1. I love all of those things! I use white boards everyday, too. I use my kids' old holey socks for erasers. It's pretty funny to see them debate who has the better old holey sock.
    Not very fancy

  2. We use white boards daily too! I have little mittens to use as erasers! My students are in 3rd grade and we use unfix cubes all the time! We also do a lot of practice with tiles for area and multiplication.

  3. I agree with above; white boards are a must! :)
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great rest of your week!