Saturday, February 14, 2015

100th day of school

We had our 100th day of school this week.  It was so much fun!

Teachers and students were invited to dress up as a 100 year old.  Most of my team participated and some of my students!  I wish I could show you pictures, but I can't.  Blurring out faces will take away from the look.  Just trust me when I say that you should encourage your students and teachers to dress up next year (or this year, if you haven't had your celebration yet).

I used this letter to send home to parents about a week before so they would have some ideas of what their child could wear.

In math, we had the students think of as many ways as they could to make 100.  They wrote their ideas down on this paper and then shared with the class.

We shared some of our ideas and I listed them on chart paper.  They loved seeing the different ways!

Then the students were asked to come up with a problem where 100 was the answer.  A lot of them tried to use their ideas from how many ways they could make 100 to help them with this.

We shared a few of their problems and then they got to play race to 100 with a partner.  I found this game on Pinterest and so can you.

Their math homework for that day is shown below.  They solved the problems at the bottom of the page and colored in the answers in the hundred chart.  If done correctly, the hundred chart will show the number 100.

Later in the day, the students were given a one and two zeros and they got to make a picture with those numbers.  Some of them were really cute!  Can you figure out what the pictures are?

Then I had the students draw a picture of themselves when they are 100 and they wrote a caption to go with it.

Here are a few that I found to be really cute ideas.

At the end of the day, we made predictions about different things dealing with 100.  I found these activities in this free pack here.  One of the activities was to predict how tall a tower of 100 pennies would be.  My students made their predictions and then we tried the activity.

The first time we did it, we got to 66 pennies before the tower fell over.  We tried again and I made sure to hold on to the top as we went.  We made it to 100 and I got the picture before it fell over again!

I had so much fun!  You can find the 4 activities I made in my store as a free download.  Click on the graphic below to take you to the download.

Do you celebrate the 100th day of school?  What activities did you do or what activities would you have liked to do?

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  1. Thank you very much for linking up! It sounds like you had a great celebration. I love the activities you did, especially the math chart of ways to show 100.

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  2. I congrats you on 100th day of school
    Thanks for sharing your celebration with us :)
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