Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tech Tip Tuesday - Run a Giveaway Using Rafflecopter

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Want to know how to run a giveaway on your blog using Rafflecopter?  You've come to the right place today!

Click on the Rafflecopter logo above to take you to the website.  Once you are there, you will need to create an account.  Create a free account and then follow the rest of my instructions.

After you are logged in, the site will show you your dashboard.

You can see that I have some giveaways coming up soon.  That's because I'm writing this blog post after I scheduled a prize pack for the MD sellers giveaway that is happening right now.

Since you don't have any giveaways scheduled, click where it says plan one.

I already have giveaways that have run before, so I have the option of duplicating a giveaway.  I'm not going to do that so I can show you how to create one from scratch.  Click where it says add a prize.  This is where you'll tell people what you are giving away.  In my case, I'm giving away the 3-5 Prize Pack.  I cannot add an image to my giveaway because I'm using the free version.  If you want to add images, you will need to use one of the paid versions.  After you type in the prize, click on save this prize.

If you have more than one prize, you can add another prize.  If not, skip down to enter how people can enter the giveaway.  Click where it says add an entry option.
The following options will pop up.  Some of the options are not available in the free version.  I often use the invent your own option because this is where you can add follow a TpT store.

Click on invent your own and this box will pop up.

I like to change the box where it says invent your own option.  The text here will be viewed on the main part of the giveaway.  It tells your visitors what option they will be completing to enter the giveaway.  When I'm entering giveaways, I know I like to know what I'll be clicking on before I actually do it.

Then you need to describe what entrants should do.  This is where I include an html link to the store page.

You can see my template for the html.  I can't display it properly here because it will interpret the html and show it as a link.  That is what you will enter into the second box.  Just make sure you actually add the link in between the quotation marks.

I like to verify that my visitors actually followed the link I put in the entry.  In order to do this, I have to ask for some sort of information.  Some people ask for what number follower you are, some ask for how many followers, but I like to ask for the name of a featured product.  This shows that they really looked at the page.  I can verify these entries at the end of the giveaway.

You can change the point value for these entries.  I usually like to keep them all at +1, but you can make some entries worth more than others.  You also have the option of letting the entrants do something once each day.  This is good when you set up options for tweeting about or sharing the giveaway on a social media site.  You can also make options mandatory.  I don't do that for many of my giveaways, but you can.

Once you are done with all those settings, click on the blue save this option button.  You can then go back and add other entry options.

The picture below shows you what it will look like when you finish adding all the ways people can enter.

After you add all your entries, you need to pick a starting and ending day.  With the free version, it has to start and end at 12am.

Now you are ready to post your giveaway on your blog.  Just copy the code and paste it on your blog!

You can preview your giveaway immediately.  Click on the entries tab at the top.  Of course, there are no entries right now.  But once your giveaway starts, you can check this tab and see the entries.

You also have the ability to see what it will look like posted on your blog.  The picture below shows what it looks like before the giveaway starts.  If you like to schedule out your blog posts like I do, then this is what you would see if you preview a post that has the giveaway before the giveaway starts.

Here is another view.  This is similar to what you will see when the giveaway is happening.  The only difference is it will have the time remaining in the upper lefthand corner where it says starting soon.

My giveaway is over.  Now what???

Click on manage entries again.  You can view all the entries and it will give you an option to pick your winner.  Click on the option to pick your winner.  After you have your winner, it will tell you what entry was the winning entry.  If it was one where you need to verify a winner, scroll down to where it says moderate entries.  It will generate a snapshot.  Once you have your snapshot, find the entry and make sure the winner actually gave you the information you were asking for.

You can then email the winner and send the prize.  You can also announce the winner on the giveaway if you want others to know that you've selected the winner.

I know this was a long post, but I hope it's been helpful.  Please let me know if you have any questions or are successful setting up your own giveaway!

And, don't forget about the MD sellers giveaway happening right now!

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