Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hump Day Highlight - GoNoodle Necklace

I'm linking up with Mrs. Stanford's Class for Hump Day Highlight!  I'm also linking up with the ladies of the Literacy Ladder for Wow Me Wednesday!

Last week I shared GoNoodle with you.  Today, I wanted to share something with you that my students love!

I made this necklace to use during math.

The picture isn't clear, but it says:

I used my noodle!
I get to choose the GoNoodle activity today!

Here's what I do with it.  I start off the math class wearing the necklace.  During our discussions, if a student is able to explain their thinking - aka using their noodle, I will pass the necklace to that student.  Then the next time I hear someone else using their noodle, the necklace gets passed to them.  It continues to get passed if other students are participating and showing good thinking.  If no one else wows me with their thinking, the necklace stays with the last student to wow me.  Then when it is time for GoNoodle (about halfway through math class), the student with the necklace gets to pick the activity!

After our GoNoodle time, the necklace is returned to me.  If I'm able to give it out during the remaining math time, I do.  The person who ends math class with the necklace is the person who starts with it the next day.  Sometimes that is me and sometimes that is a student.

This idea really encourages my students to think and participate.  It is such a great motivator.  The first time I used this necklace, it was constantly being passed around from student to student.  Even those students who barely participated before started participating.  They love it.  I love it!

If you already use GoNoodle, you should definitely try this out!

If you don't use GoNoodle, you should really check it out!

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  1. Cheryl,

    I love the necklace! That is a wonderful way to keep students engaged.


  2. Great way to encourage thinking!!!!

  3. I love how you use the GoNoodle necklace. What a great idea! And, I'll have to check out the Wow Me Wednesday linky too. I've never heard of it, but I love finding new blogs and linky parties. Thanks for sharing.