Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday - Install Fonts

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Have you downloaded some new fonts and you want to know how to use them on your computer?  I'm here to teach you that today!

First thing you need to do is make sure you've downloaded a font.  It can be from TpT or it can be from somewhere else on the web.  There are plenty of free fonts that you can use in commercial products on TpT.  Just search for free commercial font or click on my link that will take you directly to that search page.

Pick a font that you want to download or look for a previously downloaded file on you computer.

For this post, I downloaded one of the files on the first search page.  Open the folder with all the downloaded files.  Find the file that says TrueType font file.  Double click on it to open the font.

You will see what the font looks like for each character and you will see it in different sizes.

Look at the top of that window for the button that says install.

Click on that button.  A window will pop up that says installing.  Once you click install, the button no longer works to click on.

Now that it's installed, you need to make sure PowerPoint or Word is closed.  If you have it open, close it or the font won't show up in your options.

Open up PowerPoint or Word.  You can see in my picture below that my font is my default font.

Make sure you have clicked on the text box.  The font will appear in the font box.  Click on the font and scroll until you find the font that you have installed.  When you scroll over the font, it changes so you can preview it without actually clicking.  Once you decide on the font you want to use, just click on it.

Now you know how to install fonts on your computer.  There is a way to set up font groups so you don't have to constantly scroll through all the fonts to find the ones you like and want to use frequently.  Look for this in another tech tip.

What are your favorite free fonts to use in commercial products?

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