Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Scoop - 12/14

Happy Sunday!  I'm back again with my Sunday Scoop.

We had people over for an ugly sweater party last night.  We cleaned up most things before we went to bed last night, but still have some more things to put away.

I had a very long week at work, so I wasn't able to get any planning done for this coming week.  Have to take care of that and grading today.

I would love to write a few more blog posts today, but we'll see if that happens.  I need to start wrapping my presents so I can see what I've bought and what I still need to buy.  Gifts are still in bags and boxes and I can't remember what I bought!

It's been a crazy week and I'm happy to not have to go anywhere.  A day in pajamas is a perfect way to spend a Sunday.  Hope you have an awesome day!

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  1. A PJ day sounds like heaven! Hope you get to enjoy it! Thanks for linking up with us!
    Tech Crazy Teacher

  2. We had a PJ day at school yesterday!! Loved it! Enjoy your Christmas Break!