Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday - Schedule Blog Posts on Blogger

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Two weeks ago I showed you how to schedule posts on Facebook.

This week, I'm going to show you how to schedule blog posts on Blogger.

Unlike Facebook, you have more options when scheduling posts on Blogger.

You get to pick the time down to the minute and there is no limit on how far in advance you can schedule a post.

Here's how you do it.

Open up a new post.  Make sure you have the post settings visible.  If all you see is the words post settings on the right, click on the words to show all the settings.  You can see my post below.

Then click where it says schedule.  You will see the options that are shown in blue below.  If you want your post to post immediately, leave these settings alone and don't continue reading this post.

If you want your post to be posted at another time, please pay attention now!  Click in the button that says set date and time.

You will see the current date and time but you can change these.  Either start typing the date you are interested in or scroll through the calendar until you find the date you want.  Then you can type the time you want in the time box or click on it to show you some options.  You can schedule down to the minute, so type in whatever you'd like.  You can see my scheduling for this specific post below.

Once you have the desired date and time set, click on done underneath the calendar.  You will know you've set it up correctly when you see the date and time listed under schedule.  This is what mine shows.

You are almost done.  There is a very important step that you must complete in order to schedule your post correctly.

See the publish button up near the top right?

Click on that when you are ready to publish your post.  This will publish you post at the time you set.  If you didn't set a time, the publish button will publish your post immediately.  If you did set a date and time, you can sit back, relax, do other things, etc and your post will show up on your blog at the date and time you picked.

If you aren't ready to publish and you just want to save it as a draft, click on save.  But remember that you must come back to this post in order to publish it.  If you only hit save, it will not publish even if it hits the date and time you've scheduled it for.

Very important to remember the difference between save and publish when it comes to scheduling posts.

How do you know if you've done it correctly?  Look at your list of blog posts.

Does your blog post say scheduled or draft next to it?  If it says scheduled, it will post when that day/time hits.  If it says draft, it'll skip right over it when the day/time comes.

Drafts won't delete, so if you miss your scheduled time, you can always change it to another day/time by going back into the post and following the directions above.  Don't forget to hit publish this time!  :)

Do you like to schedule posts?  Why or why not?

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