Monday, November 10, 2014

Money money money - Skip Counting by Like Coins (2.MD.8)

We're working on money in math these days.  In quarter one, the standard is very simple - skip count by like coins.

Seems easy, right?

Well.... it's very difficult for my students to skip count when they can't even recognize the coins.

So, I had to take a step backward and teach them what each coin looks like.  I used my fun magnetic coins and displayed these on the board.

Then the students were given a cup full of coins, like you see below.

They had to sort the coins on this fun money sorting mat I downloaded for free {here}.

They were doing a great job!  Quarters were with quarters, dimes with dimes, nickels with nickels, and pennies with pennies.

Great, I thought, they're ready to skip count!

So I broke out these fun task cards I made last week and we played Scoot.  They had to look at the coins on the tablet, skip count, and record the total on their answer sheet.

Fun, right?


This is a sampling of what I heard...
What coin is this?  I don't know what coin this is.  I can't coin that high (looking at nickels and thinking they were quarters and I was asking them to count 8 25s).

So I put the play money coin on the desk with the card in hopes that it would help them identify the coin on the task card.

Still heard the same comments.

So I gave up.  Yes, I gave up.  For the day.  Not forever.  I would never do that.  I gave up for the day and thought, how could I make this better.  How could we do this again but with better results?

So here's the plan...
I'm still going to use the task cards.  But this time, their job isn't to skip count.  Their job is to identify the coin and write Q, D, N, or P on their answer sheet.  I'll put one of each coin on the desk with the task card so they have something concrete to look at.

After they go through it once, then I'll ask them to go back and skip count.  Hopefully we'll have better results!

I'll keep you posted.

So here's my lesson for parents... even if you very rarely use money, especially coins, please think about using coins at home with your child for something.  That way when they get to 2nd grade, money isn't new to them.  The Tooth Fairy should give out coins and not dollar bills!  That's just my 2 cents.  Haha, get it?

How do you teach your students to identify coins?

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