Friday, November 7, 2014

Freebie Friday - Turkey Sequencing Puzzle Skip Counting by 2s

Yay for Friday!  Today's freebie is from Leigh over at Smart Kinder Kids.  You can find out more about Leigh by reading her blog.  Her freebie today is a good one if you use Smartboards.

With this freebie, you get a brightly colorful and happy Smartboard puzzle. Students can work whole group, small group, or individually to sequence the puzzle from 2-20 (skip counting by 2s).

This freebie can also be used as an Assessment Tool by teachers to determine if students can count by 2s.

The students move the pieces around to show that they can count by 2.  It is self-checking so the students can check the picture to make sure they were correct when counting by 2s.

What cute little turkeys!

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