Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday - Set Up Google Alerts

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After reading the forums and hearing about people posting other people's paid products for free online, I saw a tip about setting up Google Alerts.  This can help you find out if your products are posted online anywhere.  It doesn't mean you will find everything, but it might help you find something.

I also use it to alert me to educational articles, topics, etc so I have some content to share with my readers.

So here are the easy steps to get you set up with Google Alerts.

First - go the Google Alerts website.

You can see some of the alerts that I have set up below.

Second - decide what you want to set up an alert for and type it into the search box.  Click create alert after you finishing typing what you want.

Third - set up options by clicking on the pencil icon next to the alert.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for as many alerts as you'd like.

You can always delete alerts by clicking on the trash can next to it.

Check your email and you will start receiving alerts in your email based on how often you chose to receive them in the settings.

Much easier now than when I set mine up!

What alerts do you have set up?

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