Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday - Scheduling Facebook Posts

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Scheduling posts on Facebook is easy.  Make sure you are logged in to your business page.  You cannot schedule posts from your personal page.  Also, make sure you are following these directions using a computer and not a mobile app.

Compose your post as you normal would in the status box.  Once you are finished writing, DO NOT click on post just yet.

See the symbol in the bottom left that looks like a clock?  Click on it.

A calendar will appear.  You can pick the date you want by clicking on it in the calendar.  The arrows at the top of the calendar will scroll through the months when you click on them.  You can schedule posts up to 6 months in advance.  After you pick the date you want, you need to choose a time.  Click in the box that says Add a Time?

Start typing whatever time you'd like.  As you can see, you can only schedule posts in increments of 5 minutes.

Once you complete all the information, then you click on the blue button that says Schedule.  It'll tell you the exact date and time your post is scheduled for and it'll give you a link to view the post in case you need to make changes.

Do you already schedule posts on Facebook or is this new to you?

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