Saturday, October 4, 2014

Teaching Tykes

I've been paired with Lori from Teaching Tykes to help promote each other for 2 weeks.  She wrote a really sweet post about me and I have to return the favor!  I'm not sure if I can compete with her post, but I'll certainly try!

Lori is a former public school teacher from North Carolina.  She received her BS degree in Elementary Education from Appalachian State University.  She taught in North Carolina and Wisconsin and has taught every grade level!  That is something that many people can't say!  Lori has been married for 30 years and she has four children.  Two of those children are homeschooled.

Teaching Tykes

Now that you know a little bit about Lori, it's time you hear about her blog.  Her blog is fairly new - she's been posting since August.  Her husband designed her blog - shout out to him for doing a great job!  You need to be a regular reader of Lori's blog.  From Thankful Thursdays to Scintillating Saturdays, you will never be bored!  Check it out!

In her store, she has a variety of unique products.  Her big focus is clip cards.  If you want to know more about her clip cards, you can download her freebie found below.

Her best seller is Nutrition Thematic Centers and Worksheets.  This product is Common Core aligned.  You will find the following:

Reading Center Book List
Art Center Project
Writing Center Activity
Computer Center Websites
Friday Activity
Literacy and Math Worksheets

Many of her themed centers and worksheets also have clip cards to go with them.  Perfect for many uses during a unit!

One last thing I need to share with you is Lori's Facebook page.  Every day she posts something different about the day.  Today is National Taco Day.

Make sure you are following her page so you don't miss something fun to share with your students!

I hope you've learned something about Lori and check out her pages!

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