Thursday, October 30, 2014

Monster Unit

Near the end of October, I always like to read monster books.  To kick off the unit, I like to pretend a monster came to visit when the students were out of the classroom.

This year, we have lunch right before language arts, so I had the perfect opportunity to play the role of the monster.

Here are a few pictures of what I did.

I messed up our attendance names.  I made it look like the monster just ran into the filing cabinet and knocked some of the names off.  Also, right inside the door is our recycling bin.  I turned it on its side and dumped out some of the papers.  These are the first views of the room that the students had.  You can also see that I put some footprints down on the floor to show the path the monster took in the room.

The monster walked by an empty desk and knocked it to the side.  Then it kept walking toward the front of the room.

It messed up our morning work list and our schedule.  The monster thought it would be funny to change the schedule for the rest of the day and put stack and pack and dismissal right after lunch.

The monster was sad that he missed the students, so he wrote them a note on the board.  Notice the mistakes.

After he wrote on the board, he knocked over chairs and kept walking toward the outside door.  He moved a backpack from the cubbies to the floor and then wrote a message on the outside door before he left.

When the students came back from lunch, I acted like I hadn't seen the room.  So we walked in together.  They were so confused.  They were wandering around the room to see everything that had happened.  They kept yelling that it must have been a dinosaur.  They were so excited!

I finally go them to calm down and sit down at their desks.  I pretended I had no idea what had happened.  They kept telling me that I knew and I just wasn't telling them.  I kept a straight face the whole time, which was surprising because the things they were saying were so funny!

I told them whatever it was left an activity for them to do to figure out what was in the room.  I gave them the making words worksheet and they cut out the letters.  They moved the letters around to make as many words as they could.  They used all the letters to make the secret word and that revealed what was in the room.

After they found out what it was, we had a conversation about whether monsters are real.  Some believed that they are since there was one in their room messing everything up.  Guess they didn't pick up on the fact that it was me!

Then it was time for reading groups.  One of my groups is reading Harry and the Terrible Whatzit.  It fits perfectly with our conversation about whether monsters are real.

This is such a fun way to start Halloween week!  The students love it and talk about it for days/weeks/months.

What fun things do you like to do leading up to Halloween?

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