Friday, October 31, 2014

Freebie Friday - CAFE Strategy Cards

It's Friday again!  Yay!  Since Halloween is today, I thought I'd take a break from the Halloween freebies and give you one that you can use year-round.  Thanks Pioneer Teacher for submitting this one!
If you use CAFE, these cards are perfect to help your students with the strategies.  Look how colorful they are!

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Monster Unit

Near the end of October, I always like to read monster books.  To kick off the unit, I like to pretend a monster came to visit when the students were out of the classroom.

This year, we have lunch right before language arts, so I had the perfect opportunity to play the role of the monster.

Here are a few pictures of what I did.

I messed up our attendance names.  I made it look like the monster just ran into the filing cabinet and knocked some of the names off.  Also, right inside the door is our recycling bin.  I turned it on its side and dumped out some of the papers.  These are the first views of the room that the students had.  You can also see that I put some footprints down on the floor to show the path the monster took in the room.

The monster walked by an empty desk and knocked it to the side.  Then it kept walking toward the front of the room.

It messed up our morning work list and our schedule.  The monster thought it would be funny to change the schedule for the rest of the day and put stack and pack and dismissal right after lunch.

The monster was sad that he missed the students, so he wrote them a note on the board.  Notice the mistakes.

After he wrote on the board, he knocked over chairs and kept walking toward the outside door.  He moved a backpack from the cubbies to the floor and then wrote a message on the outside door before he left.

When the students came back from lunch, I acted like I hadn't seen the room.  So we walked in together.  They were so confused.  They were wandering around the room to see everything that had happened.  They kept yelling that it must have been a dinosaur.  They were so excited!

I finally go them to calm down and sit down at their desks.  I pretended I had no idea what had happened.  They kept telling me that I knew and I just wasn't telling them.  I kept a straight face the whole time, which was surprising because the things they were saying were so funny!

I told them whatever it was left an activity for them to do to figure out what was in the room.  I gave them the making words worksheet and they cut out the letters.  They moved the letters around to make as many words as they could.  They used all the letters to make the secret word and that revealed what was in the room.

After they found out what it was, we had a conversation about whether monsters are real.  Some believed that they are since there was one in their room messing everything up.  Guess they didn't pick up on the fact that it was me!

Then it was time for reading groups.  One of my groups is reading Harry and the Terrible Whatzit.  It fits perfectly with our conversation about whether monsters are real.

This is such a fun way to start Halloween week!  The students love it and talk about it for days/weeks/months.

What fun things do you like to do leading up to Halloween?

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What Did They Say - 10/29

What did they say is a weekly linky where you get to share funny stories from your class.  It can be things your students say or things they write.  Whatever you'd like to share with us that's funny or unbelievable!

Here's what you need to do to link up:

1.  Download the graphic above by right clicking to save as. Save your picture in a convenient place for you.
2.  Add your own text or picture to the graphic.
3.  Post your funny story with a link to this post.
4.  Come back to this post to add your link to the linky.

Today's might be a stretch, but I thought it was pretty funny the way she said it.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday - Tsu

If you want to join the linky, grab the Tech Tip Tuesday button.  Post about a technology tip.  Then link up below!

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Do you Tsu?  If you don't, you should!

If you already do, you can skip right to the bottom of this post to comment with your link so I can follow you!

If you don't, please keep reading and get ready to sign up!

Basically, Tsu is a new social media network similar to Facebook.  The part I like best about it is that your followers can see ALL of your posts.  It is not limited like posts on Facebook.

There is the potential to earn money from the site, but I'm using it to share my content freely with others.  I don't post much on my Facebook page anymore because only about 10% of my followers see my posts.  It's not worth my time and effort there.

But on Tsu, that's not the case!  I can post and all my friends and followers will see my posts.  I've only joined as my business page right now.  I'm not ready to open a personal page there and I doubt I will.

Anyway, how do you join?  Just click on the link below and it will take you to my page with a popup window for you to fill out to join before you can see my new page!

Or you can click {here} and type in my username - techieturtleteacher.

That's all for today.  I hope you'll join me over at Tsu!

What is the link to your Tsu page?

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Skip Counting by Like Coins - Sale

Last year was my first year teaching 2nd grade Common Core math.  I learned a lot and eventually started making products for my team to use.  We were getting ready to teach skip counting by like coins around Halloween.  I came up with this product:

Since 2nd grade is the first and only time the students learn about coins, we start this standard by introducing the coins - names and spelling, value, etc.

After introducing the coins, we move in to skip counting by like coins.  Later on in the year, we count coins using combinations of the coins, but in quarter 1, we just use like coins.  This should be a review of the skip counting standard we covered earlier in the quarter.

I wanted something fun to do on Halloween.  Our school system is limiting what we can do on Halloween - but that's a post for another time, maybe.  So I decided to create a fun activity for math that still connected to the standard.

It was so fun, the students didn't even realize they were learning!

The first activity was Pumpkin Sale.  You can see ideas on how to use the activity with students below.

There were 12 different cards, so depending on the number of students in your class, students could work with a partner or you could copy make 2 copies of the cards.

There are 2 different versions of the recording sheet.  Version 1 uses a chart to keep track of the answers and version 2 asks questions in word form.  You can pick and choose what works best for your students.

After the students finish the pumpkin sale activity, there are 2 follow up worksheets that ask students to figure out what coins could be used to purchase items and the total cost using different amounts of coins.

If you teach 2nd grade and are looking for something fun to do with your students this week, you can purchase the product for 50% through Friday.  That means all these activities for only $1.50!  Such a treat for you this week!

Go purchase it today!

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Scoop - 10/26

Happy Sunday!

It's been a busy week and I have a lot to catch up on today.  I wasn't feeling well yesterday, so I lost a day to get things done.  Feeling better today, but feeling stressed because of everything I need to do!

Hope you have a fun/productive day!

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Freebie Friday - Pumpkin Freebies and Ghost in Disguise Banner

Yay for Friday!  I have 2 freebies for you today.  One is pumpkin themed and the other is Halloween-themed.

Both are perfect for October.  Thank you to Sarah Paul for posting these pumpkin activities.

When you download this product, you get:
~two writing prompts
~short story with comprehension passage and graphic organizer
~pumpkin measuring recording sheet
~Sentence worksheet
~Pumpkin facts sheet

Thank you to 21st Century K for submitting this Ghosts in Disguise freebie.

According to the product description:

Banners and Pennants are an easy, trendy way to decorate the 21st Century Classroom! This file contains a banner that can be printed and used for classroom or hallway displays at any elementary grade level. Simply print on cardstock, cut, laminate, string together with ribbon and hang!

This file includes:
2 Pennants used to create a class Halloween banner in both color and black/white.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Time to the Quarter Hour Bingo Freebie

I'm excited to bring you another Throwback Thursday post this week.

Today's post is from January 4, 2014.

The other day, I wrote about one of my new products, Quarter Hour Bingo.  I got to use the game with my second graders on Thursday.  We went back to school after winter break for one day and then got a snow day.  I'm glad I didn't start anything new!

I was so excited to have my students play the game.  Math is in the afternoon, so I had to contain my excitement for awhile!  I started off reviewing time by showing the students a time on the clock and they had to tell me what time it was.  They did a really great job remembering how to tell time after 12 days off of school!

After we reviewed, I passed out the bingo chips and game boards.  I use plastic counters and keep them in bowls.  The bowls are shared between 2 and 3 students.  I found this much easier than passing out counters to each student.  This way, I only have 6 bowls to hand out and the chips have a better chance of staying off the floor this way.  I didn't have time to laminate the bingo boards, so I put them in plastic page protector sleeves.  This is a good substitution for lamination.

When I was calling times, I placed them on an empty desk and organized them by time to make it easier to check when someone had bingo.  I thought it would be easier to make four columns (:00, :15, :30, and :45).  Across each row was the same hour.

When we played the first game, I found some of my students had trouble hearing and remembering what time I called.  For our second game, I started displaying the times on the screen using my document camera.  I left three times visible and moved the one at the beginning over to my calling card desk each time I added a new time.  For example, in this picture I would move the 11:00 to the calling card desk and put the new time after 4:00.  I found that this eliminated questions of what time did you say.  I had 3 winners per game and gave each winner a sticker.  The students loved playing and I was surprised by how well they were able to tell time!

Just for following and reading my blog, you can pick up a sample of this product.  The blog freebie has 4 different boards and all the calling cards.  If you like the product and want all 25 boards, you can purchase the full product from my store.

I hope your students love telling time bingo as much as I do!

What games do your students like to play during math?
I loved this game so much last year and cannot wait until we start working on time to the quarter hour this year.  Download the freebie that I posted and use it with your students!

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