Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday - StatCounter

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Do you own a blog?  Want to know how many people are viewing your blog?  You need to install a counter and I have some tips for you.


I use Statcounter.com.  I have a free account and there are so many things you can learn from it after it's installed on your blog or website.

After you log in, you can see how many page views you have on your blog.  In the graph below, you can see my page views from a week in August.  I had a lot of traffic on Saturday, August 9 - that's because I was participating in a blog hop that day.  It's nice to see returning visitors - shown in orange.

Another thing you can see is your incoming traffic.  This is the view of my recent came from activity.  You can see the date, time, the referrer (which is where your link was seen and clicked on), and the entry page (the page the viewer saw first).  In this picture, a lot of my referrer links were through Bloglovin.  That means that a lot of people are seeing my blog through that site.  Since my entry page links are pretty different, people are finding my blog and seeing many different pages.  That's a good thing!

I include many links in my posts and want to know if my visitors are clicking on those links.  You can see this in StatCounter!  This is the view of my recent exit link activity.  I can see when people go to my store or my free download in Google Drive.  It's fun to see an exit link to my store and a sale of that product around the same time.  I also like to know if people are downloading my freebies.

One other feature I want to share with you is the visitor map.  You can see where your traffic comes from.  As you can see in my map, most of my visitors are from the United States.  It helps me tailor my posts toward the right audience.

Are you ready to get your own StatCounter?  If you use Blogger for your blog, you can follow the directions {here} to install your counter.

What is your favorite feature of StatCounter?

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