Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tech Tip - Picture Collages in Picasa

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Do you ever wonder how people make collages for their blogs, websites, TpT products, etc?  Now you can learn!

I use Picasa.  You have to download the program, but it is totally worth it!  After you download it for the first time, it will take some time to scan your computer looking for photos and graphics.  Be patient, especially if you have a lot like me!

Once your folders download, it's easiest if you keep all the graphics for your collage in one folder.  Here is the folder of all the pages of one of my products.  When I want to create a collage of these pages, I click on the folder and then on the collage button (the middle button that is a picture with a + sign in the corner).

When I click on the collage button, I have many different options.  I can change the background color, the picture borders, the size, and layout.  I don't have to use every single picture in the folder, but the default adds every picture to begin with.

Here are examples of layouts you can create:

Picture Pile - all pictures are just piled onto the page randomly.  You can change the size of the pictures and the location.

Mosaic - all the pictures are fit onto the page.  Each picture is a different size.  You can rearrange location of the pictures.

Frame Mosaic - similar to the mosaic but this one features one picture in the middle of the collage.

Grid - each picture is the same size and it fits into a grid.
Contact Sheet - pictures are in a grid but it adds the title of the folder, the number of images, and the date the folder was created to the top.  I like this one when I print some of my favorite clip art images.

When you create the collage, it gives you an option of adding a watermark.  This just puts text in the bottom right hand corner.  You can't change the size or color of the watermark, but it is better than nothing.  You can see the watermark in all my collages above.

Try it out and see how you like it!

What other programs or websites do you use to create collages?
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