Sunday, September 7, 2014

ICYMI - August products

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Hi there!  August was a busy month for me.  Didn't get to finish any new products.  However, I did spend some time updating older products.  You can see the updated products below.  Hopefully September will be less hectic and I can finish some of the products I started this month.

Click on the covers to take you to the product.

********************************************************************* bin labels received a makeover.  They were previously my Turtle Bin Labels.  Since making those last summer, I've purchased many different clipart sets that were perfect for this product.  In fact, I removed the original labels from my store and posted these instead.  As you can see from the cover, you get reading, writing, science, social studies, health, and math.  They are 4x6 pictures that you can print and attach to bins.  I keep these on my large bins for each subject.  I put current materials in the bins so it's easier to find throughout the day when I need something.  You can use them for whatever you'd like!

********************************************************************* I was tired of my classroom theme and wanted to update everything!  These bin labels are similar to the ones above, but these are more for supplies - markers, erasers, pencils, crayons, etc.  Things that students can use.  I also use these to label my bins for papers from students - notes from home, completed work, papers to hand out.  These go great with my new blue green word wall.

My turtle classroom noise level charts also received a huge makeover!  My students love the visual of being able to see what my expectations of what the noise level in the room should be.  I very rarely use the outside voice, but wanted to include it just in case I need it.  Students need to know when they should use an inside voice, whisper, or be silent.  The noise level charts are very motivating and students love the turtles!

If you could win one of the above products, tell me which one and why.  You just might get lucky and win it!
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