Saturday, September 20, 2014

Back to School Night

We had our Back to School Night this week.  While I definitely enjoy meeting the parents and sharing important information with them, this year was tiring because of all the new information we had to give them.

It was also a rough night for me because I wanted to be in Baltimore to watch the Orioles clinch the AL East, but I was stuck at school.  Even though I watched the end of the game and the celebration from the comfort of my bed, I wanted to be there.  Cannot wait until playoffs!

And now back to the point of this post.  Back to School Night.

Our back to school night starts with a meeting with all the parents in the cafeteria.  The teachers are introduced, we go back to our classrooms and wait while the administration presents important whole school information.  The parents come back to the classrooms for about 10-15 minutes to see their child's desk, briefly talk to us, etc.  Then we move all the grade level parents to a centralized location in the building to give them grade level information.

When the parents are in the classrooms, we like to leave information out on the student desks for the parents to read.  This year, our students completed my Second Grade Rocks activity.  Parents were asked to read the writing and respond on the inside telling their child what 2nd grade was like for them.  My students loved coming in the next day to see what their parents wrote.

If you don't teach 2nd grade, you're in luck!  I've made this product for Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Just click on the cover below to find the appropriate grade for you.

What do you do for Back to School Night?

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