Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tech Tip - Online Stopwatch

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Today's Tech Tip is a simple one.  I love using online stopwatches to help my students and me keep track of the time remaining for lessons and activities.

I frequently use Online-stopwatch.com.  You can use it as a stop watch or a count down timer.


You simply click on stop watch or count down depending on what you want to use.  I chose the count down timer.

The screen to set the timer will appear.  Click on the numbers to set the time.  Once you have it set to your desired time, you click on set.

Another screen will appear with the amount of time you want.  If it is correct, click on start.  If you made a mistake or change your mind about the length of time you want, click on clear and it'll take you back to the timer set screen.  Once you click on start, the green button will change to a blue pause button.  When the timer gets to zero, it will flash and make a noise (so make sure your volume is turned up).

My favorite thing about this site is you can use it as a full screen timer.  This hides the ads on the sides and your students only see the timer.  Be sure you choose full screen before you set your timer.  It won't save your time if you click on full screen in the middle of your time.

What online timers do you use?  Please share the links to any different ones you use.

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