Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tech Tip - IFTTT

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Want an easy way to post the same thing to multiple social media networks at one time?  Use IFTTT!


IFTTT uses recipes to control what posts on different sites.  For example, I currently have 3 recipes set up.

One of my recipes is shown below - if I post to my blog, then it will sent out a tweet.

I like using IFTTT because it saves me some steps.  I don't have to go back in and write a tweet when my blog post is published.  My Twitter followers will know when I have a new blog post and can follow the link in the tweet to the blog post.

There are many recipes already created that you can use for your own accounts or you can create your own.  There are so many options of things you can do!  Don't be overwhelmed.  Pick one or two recipes to create at a time and come back to it later.

What are your favorite IFTTT recipes?

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  1. I just set this up and so far have if IG then FB and if blogger then FB. Going to set up if blogger then twitter. This will help me out and also keep me connected. Would love to know what recipes you have now! Thanks so much for sharing this and for answering all my questions!

    Swinging for Success