Sunday, August 3, 2014

ICYMI - Highlighting my newest products

graphics and fonts by Creative Clips

I'm starting a new feature on my blog. On the first Sunday of each month, I will highlight my new products from the previous month.

So today you will see what I created in July.  Click on the covers to take you to the product.
My turtle schedule cards are the perfect classroom decor for primary classrooms.  They are not editable, however, I do take requests for additional cards.  The graphics on each card match the words so struggling readers will still know what is going on.

************************************************************************************ addition to my schedule cards, I started making new labels for some of my bins.  After making those labels, I wanted to see what else I could change in my room to match the labels.  I realized my faded word wall should be the next thing to change.  The patterns I used for my new bin labels were perfect for my word wall cards.  Check it out!  After purchasing, you just have to print, laminate, cut, and hang up on your wall.

************************************************************************************ I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this product.  I need to get better about including problem solving in my math instruction.  So that's where this idea came from.  These are task cards with different types of word problems on them.  They are all addition and subtraction.  The word problems are geared toward back to school.  Uses things like teachers, markers, pencils, school buses, etc.  I'm loving the clip art from Creative Clips!  Watch for additional products very similar to this one.

************************************************************************************, I didn't include this product twice.  It looks very similar to the one above and that's because it is.  The difference in products is this one includes problems with 2-digit numbers.  This is for second and third graders who are ready to tackle harder problems.
************************************************************************************ was very productive this month and finished the September 3-digit Word Problem Task Cards.  Again, it's very similar to the products above, but this time it uses larger numbers.  It would be good for advanced second graders and third graders.
************************************************************************************ but not least, I bundled all of my word problem task cards.  Perfect if you want to differentiate within your classroom.  Some students can work on solving problems with larger numbers while others work on solving basic fact problems.  Depends on the needs of your students.  And if you purchase the bundle, you will save $2!

If you could win one of the above products, tell me which one and why.  You just might get lucky and win it!

PS - TpT's Back to School Sale starts tomorrow and I'm participating!  Load up those wishlists now so you can save 28% on everything you need to start the year on the right foot.  Everything in my store, including what you see above is on sale.

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  1. Thank you for linking up, Cheryl! I hope you had a great sale! Your products look great! :)

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