Friday, August 29, 2014

Five For Friday - August 29, 2014

I haven't linked up in awhile, but I figured - first week of school - lots of things to link up.  Enjoy!

My fiance's birthday was last week.  His mom, sister, and nephew came over to our house last weekend so we could eat some steamed crabs!  I hadn't had any in over a year.  It was a wonderful treat and a perfect way to end summer.

A parent wrote me this note and had her daughter bring it to me on the second day of school.  Definitely made me smile and made my day easier!

I love my door!  So bright and welcoming for the students.  Each student was given a crayon on the first day of school.  They wrote their name in black marker, colored the crayon and cut it out.  I laminated the crayons and taped them up on the door.  So fun!

My fiance and I went to 2 Orioles games this week.  It was difficult to rush home from work so we could rush up to Baltimore for the games, but it was definitely worth it.  We participated in social media night before one of the games and got to listen to a Q&A session with Adam Jones.  Very fun!  I couldn't really see him while he was talking but this was him walking down the steps leaving to go get ready to play.

One of the fun things we do at the beginning of the year is create birthday cards to use throughout the year.  The students are paired up.  They interview each other using the paper shown above.  I usually try to pick people that they wouldn't normally work with.  Once they finish asking each other all the questions, they create a large birthday card.  They are only allowed to decorate the front and the back.  When each student's birthday comes around throughout the year, I put it up on the board for everyone to sign the inside.  This is how we celebrate birthdays in 2nd grade at my school since we aren't allowed to celebrate with treats.  The students love getting recognized on their birthday.  For students with summer birthdays, I usually pick a day near the end of the school year to recognize those students who can't get their card on their birthday.

Phew!  It's been a long week, but I made it.  I'm off to relax tonight.  Busy plans this weekend.  But I'm looking forward to 3 days off!

How was your week?  Are you doing anything fun this weekend?

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  1. What a thoughtful parent to send the note on the second day of school. I hope the rest of your year is just as lovely!

    1. I agree! I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it. :)

  2. I love your birthday card idea! I hope to try it sometime! -Colleen
    A Chocolate Dudley

    1. The kids love it. And it's super easy to do. Not much prep for me throughout the year after spending about an hour of instruction time at the beginning of the year. Let me know if you try it!