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2014-2015 Classroom Reveal and Weekend Reflections

I'm linking up with Chalk One up for the Teacher to bring you my weekend reflections.  Since this post is my classroom reveal, I'm also linking up with My Carolina Classroom.  Make sure you read all the way to the end.  I have a freebie somewhere in this post for you to find.  :)

My first week back to school was this week.  Lots of unpacking, organizing, decorating, meetings, planning for the first week with students, etc.  My week was pretty exciting, to say the least.

Monday night when I got home from running school errands, my fiance and I found a bat in our house.  Yup, that's right.  It was flying around and everything when we got home.  

I took the dog outside while my fiance saved the day.  He somehow was able to knock it out the front door.

That's where I was standing with the dog and he is nosy and likes to explore everything - including the bat that was in our house but now sitting on our front porch.  I definitely screamed pretty loudly.  Don't know why the neighbors didn't come out to investigate!

This guy is definitely cuter than the one that was in my house!

Skip forward to Wednesday.  It was my fiance's birthday and he wanted to go out to dinner.  As we were headed to the restaurant, it started drizzling a bit.  When we got to the restaurant, we were walking to go inside.  

Next thing I knew, I was on the ground and my clothes were all wet.  I had slipped on the wet ramp walking up to the door and hurt the same ankle that I had sprained less than 2 months earlier.  

After we finished eating, I decided I should really go get it checked out.  So we went to one of those walk in clinics, they took x-rays, and eventually told me that I sprained it again.  

HORRIBLE timing!  2 more days to finish setting up my room before the start of school and I wasn't even close to being done!  AHHHHH!  

I felt horrible for my fiance because he had to spend his birthday with me at the doctor.  Luckily we still had time for cake when we got home!

Anyway, it is now the end of the week and I can say I survived.  I also was able to finish my room in time for open house!  So now for the fun part - pictures!

Look at all the boxes and stuff I had after moving it all into my new room.  Yuck!  So much work to unpack and put everything away.  

In this picture you can see some of my word wall and the bins I use to organize papers and materials for each subject.  It is hard to see the labels on my bins in this picture.  If you click on the picture, it will take you to the labels in my store.

You can see all kinds of fun things in this picture.  My schedule cards, calendar, tattling turtle, and papers ready for the week!  I'm so glad I had time this week to completely get ready for the first week.

This is one of my favorite parts of my room - the door!  Being in a portable last year, I didn't have a door to decorate.  Very excited to have one to decorate this year!  On the first day of school, my students are going to get a blank crayon to color and write their name on it for me to hang on the door to go along with my signs.  Love this clipart from Creative Clips!

Here is my job "chart".  I use popsicle sticks with their names on it to rotate through the job pockets.  Last year, every student had a job every week.  I've cut back this year, so it looks like my students will have a job every other week.

Below are my revamped turtle noise level charts.  I have more board space this year, so I am able to keep them all displayed at the same time.  I created the little marker using paper and a star post-it.  I'll just move it to the correct poster depending on my expectation for noise level.  And you're in luck - these are posted in google drive for you to download for use in your classroom!  Enjoy!

My door was one of my favorites because this one is my absolute favorite part of my room - my question board!  I saw this question mark on pinterest and it was still for sale at Target when I decided I wanted it for my room.  Since I have 3 bulletin boards - I've never had more than 2 - I needed an idea of what to do with it!

My plan for right now is to post a question and have my students answer it on a post-it.  When I start reading groups, I'll probably post some questions that good readers ask.  I'll try to remember to take pictures and blog about it when I do!

You can see a lot in this picture - my name (so students can use it and spell it correctly in their writing), my schedule, and my new bathroom passes.  I made the passes this summer.  My old ones were broken and faded and I couldn't find any I liked in stores.  If you need new schedule cards, these are the ones that are posted in my store.  Again, just click on the picture to see them up close!

These are my bins - completed work, notes for Ms. Jones, lost and found, and extra copies.  These are also posted in my store and the picture links to them.

Here you can see my classroom library and my bulletin board where I'll hang up work to display.  You can't read what the turtle is saying, but it says, "Look at our turtlerific work".  Can you tell whose clipart I used here?

This picture shows my word wall.  So many words!  I stapled the words to sentence strips so it'd be easier to hang up.  My fiance did the hard part - stood on the ladder to hang them up so he was thankful for an easy solution.  Is my word wall posted in my store?  Definitely!

Last thing - you can see some turtles here.  Those are my birthday turtles.  I spend time during the first week of school talking about birthdays.  The students get a post-it to write their name and birthday on.  Then I post on or near the turtles so we can be sure to recognize birthdays throughout the year.

You can also see my writing process pencil.  Students have clothespins with their names that they move down the pencil as they go through the process.  They love it!

Phew!  I made it through my classroom pictures.  I forgot to take a picture of my attendance graph.  Students have a question to answer each morning.  It is an easy way for me to see who is absent each day.  I'll try to remember to take a picture for you next week.

What is your favorite part of your classroom?
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  1. Your classroom looks great! Love the turtle theme. :) Thanks for linking up.
    Sorry about your ankle!!! :(

    My Carolina Classroom

    1. Thanks! I always love finding new people to link up with!