Monday, May 5, 2014

The Best for the Best Teacher Appreciation Week 2014 Blog Hop

I'm participating in a blog hop for Teacher Appreciation week! I'm so excited to share my best selling product with you.

Counting Coins - Coins in my Pocket is one of my favorite products. This school year is my first year teaching 2nd grade math. My teammates have been sharing ideas with me, but I really needed to create something for this unit that my students would love.

When I started teaching the students how to count coins, I split it up over 4 days. I spent the first day reviewing the coins and their values. Then we started counting coins based on like-coins. We spent time counting pennies by counting by ones, counting nickels by counting by fives, counting dimes by counting by tens, and counting quarters by counting by twenty-fives.

The next day, we spent time counting combinations of 2 coins (pennies/dimes, pennies/nickels, pennies/quarters, dimes/nickels, dimes/quarters, nickels/quarters).

The third day was spent counting combinations of 3 coins. By the fourth day, we were counting combinations of all 4 coins.

I used the worksheets as homework assignments to reinforce counting the different coin combinations. Each worksheet is the same format so the students were familiar with the assignment each night.

My students used the center activities during class to practice counting the coins.

One center activity asks students to choose pockets and use coins to make the amount on the pocket. Then they draw the coins used on the recording sheet.

The other center activity asks students to create the amounts on the pockets in two different ways. This time students choose a pocket and use coins to make the amount. Then they have to use different coins to make the same amount. The recording sheet is a little different so students know to make each amount two different ways.

Click {here} to download a freebie of this product. If you like it, please consider purchasing the full product from my store. The full product will be 50% off for the duration of the blog hop!

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Sunday, May 4, 2014


Hey all,
I'm participating in Leah and Laura's birthday giveaway.

I've donated my Video Game Recording Sheets to use with Wii Bowling.  Click on the picture above to enter for your chance to win!

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