Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hands On Measurement Fun - CCSS 2.MD.1 and 2.MD.2

Earlier this week, I saw another TpT seller post a product that I just had to have!  Tara from 180 Days and Counting lives near me and teaches in my county, but we've never met in person!  Since she also teaches second grade, I know her products fit with what I'm teaching.  Anyway, she had a giveaway on her Facebook page for 2 of her products.  I purchased both and printed them immediately!  I want to share with you how I used one of them with my students.  With all the snow days this week, I haven't gotten around to using the other product yet.
Hands on Measurement Fun has 6 centers.  Here's how we used them.

On Wednesday, I split the class into 2 groups and we used two of her centers - Cotton Ball Toss and Frog Jump Measurement.  I ran one group and my intern ran the other group.  I wanted them to switch groups and complete both activities, but I didn't want to rush them.  Each group only completed one activity.  We completed the activities using inches, feet, and yards.

On Thursday, we split into the same 2 groups and worked on the other center.  This time, we focused on measuring using centimeters and meters.

I don't have pictures of the Cotton Ball Toss because my intern was running that center.  I forgot to take pictures of both centers.

This product is well worth the money!  My kids loved the centers!  I loved the fact that they were learning and having fun at the same time!  I have a difficult group and they were on task the whole time!  I am excited to use some of the other activities next week.

Check it out!

What is a product that you saw and just knew you had to have?

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