Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday - 2/11 - LearnZillion

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I love LearnZillion!  My county has a subscription to the videos, but you can sign up for your own free account to use some of the features.  You also don't even need to sign up for an account to access the videos!

If you click on free resources you can see everything the site has to offer.  I only use a portion of it and would love to have more time to explore.  Adding that to my summer to-do list!

If you know a math standard that you are teaching and want resources for, you can type the standard into the search box.  I am just starting to teacher 2.NBT.7 so I typed that into the search box.
You can see some of the videos in the search results.  I can click on any of the videos that I find useful for my students.  I don't always have access to the computer lab so I just show the videos in front of the whole class.  If you have access to computers or iPads, you could have individual students watch the videos.  You can assign different videos to different students by clicking on the orange assign button at the top of the video.  You have to be logged in to the site to take advantage of this feature.

To the left of the video you will see other videos that are related to the same standard.  To the right of the video, you will see other resources.  The first one links to the same slides that are shown in the video.  This is useful if you want to narrate the slides and stop to discuss.  You can download the slides, a parent letter, and some discussion items but those features require you to login first.

I've used LearnZillion in math but there are videos for language arts concepts.  Check out the site to see all the features!

How have you used LearnZillion in your classroom?  Have you used a similar site that you want to share with us?

*Disclaimer: I am not being compensated for reviewing this site.  I chose to do this on my own because I love using it in my classroom.

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