Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday - 1/7

Happy 2014!  For the new year, I'd like to make my Tech Tip Tuesdays a linky party each week.

If you want to participate, you can grab the Tech Tip Tuesday button.  Then post about a technology tip.  You can link up below!


Happy New Year from Techie Turtle Teacher!  Hope you enjoyed your time with your families for the holiday.

Today's tech tip is a website that a co-worker told me about.  It's called Wheel Decide.  There are many different uses, but basically it is a spinner that can make decisions for you.

My boyfriend and I used it to decide on what to do for dinner.  I typed in our choices and the wheel was made.  You can spin it as many times as you like.  Just like the website says, you may realize your true desires as the wheel spins.  I decided I wanted Chinese food while the wheel was spinning.  I kept spinning until I got it to show Chinese food.

I could see this being used during a probability unit in math.  Students could collect true data based on the spins.

Another way you could use this with students is in writing.  If your students are having trouble deciding what they can write about, they can use this website to spin the wheel.  You can choose from wheels that others have made or you can make your own wheel.  Maybe you want them to pick from certain topics.  You can type those topics in and the wheel will be made for you.  If you login to the site, you can save the wheels for future use.

I haven't played around with the site too much, but be careful about letting your students browse the pre-made wheels. There are some topics that are not appropriate for kids.  It would be fine if you gave your students a link to a pre-made wheel.

Try this site and let us know how you use with your students!

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