Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014 - first day after break language arts plans

Happy 2014!  It is hard to believe it is January!  2013 flew by but I'm excited for the new year!

I go back to work tomorrow and it is very difficult to get in the mindset to plan language arts for Thursday and Friday.  I picked up some great New Year's activities and can't wait to use them!  I thought I'd share my ideas with you in case you are struggling to figure out what to do when you go back.

Some of the links are paid products, but there are a few that are freebies.

I'm going to start by letting my kiddos talk about their breaks, especially what they did on New Year's Eve.  I'll make a list on the board of words that they mention that will help them later with their writing.  Then we'll read an article in Time For Kids about New Years.  We will discuss this after we read.  I'll go over the word list on the board from earlier and add additional words.  The students will then have a chance to write about their New Year's Eve by using this writing paper from Teacher Mom of 3.

When they are done writing, they will make words from the letters in resolution.  I got this wonderful product from Linda Nelson at Primary Inspiration.  You can read about the product and download it by visiting her blog.  I'm using the version where students have to figure out the target word.  I'll give the students some time to make words and then we'll share some of the words we came up with.  I'll see if any of the students were able to come up with the secret word!

Then we will read about why we celebrate New Year's Day.  This article can be found in the same product as the writing paper from Teacher Mom of 3.  We will talk about goals and resolutions.  I'll make a list of some of their ideas on the board.

I'll tell the students to think about one goal they have for the new year.  They will need to think about something specific and their reasoning for picking that goal.  They will use this craftivity from Amna Baig to write about their goal.  They will write about their goal on the balloon and then decorate the balloon cover and the person.  I am excited to hang these up in the room!  I'll post pictures of the finished products.

When they are finished with the craftivity, they will make a flip book about resolutions from Fun Times In First.

It looks like we will be busy tomorrow morning!  If we don't get to everything, (which I'm sure we won't) we can finish up on Friday (assuming we don't have a snow day - it is a possibility at this point).

What activities do you do with your students on the first day back after winter break?

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