Monday, January 20, 2014

A Day in the Life

I am linking up with Amelia from Where the Wild Things Learn to bring you my daily schedule.

Morning Work - On Monday, students write about their weekends.  On Tuesday, students DEAR.  On Wednesday, students write their spelling words in their journals.  On Thursday, students will finish incomplete work from the week.  On Friday, students set up their spelling test paper.

Reading Groups - I run three different reading groups in my room.  My below grade level students meet with the reading specialist while I am meeting with my above grade level group.  At that time, my on grade level group is finishing work or DEARing.  When I'm done with the above level group, I send them back to their seats to work on seatwork.  My below grade level students come back from the reading specialist at this time and they finish work or DEAR.  I meet with my on grade level students at this time.  When we're done, my on grade level students go to their seats to work on seatwork and I meet with my below grade level students.  The above grade level students are finishing their seatwork or incomplete work and then spend the rest of the time DEARing.

Writing - This time of the day is spent working on writing assignments.  Once a month, this time is used for the guidance counselor's lesson.  On Monday, I use this time to introduce spelling words to my students.  I have 4 different spelling groups, so it takes awhile to introduce new words to each group.  When the students aren't with me learning their new words, they are finishing reading work or sometimes I give an additional assignment to finish at this time.  On Friday, we use this time to take spelling tests.

Recess/Lunch - This year we have recess before lunch.  It still takes awhile to get used to.  I keep telling the students that we are going to lunch and recess and I'm almost always corrected and told it is recess and lunch.

LA Catch Up - After lunch we have 30 minutes (or less) to have some catch up time.  Some days I use this time to introduce grammar or handwriting.  Other days, the students use the time to catch up on work that isn't finished.  (I seem to have a lot of that lately.)  My students are sprinkled for specials, which start right after this time.  Some students leave to go to early specials one day during the week.  It is confusing and took awhile to get used to, but we're in a good routine now.

Specials - As I mentioned earlier, my students are sprinkled for specials.  Since there are 5 2nd grade classrooms, they only want to have 4 2nd grade classes for specials.  My class is split between the other 4 classes.  On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday one of the other classes goes to specials early, so I have some students that leave early.  On Tuesday, we have one class with late specials, so math and content are shifted to 15 minutes later.

Math - Math starts right when specials are over.  It is hard to transition to math right away.  Many of the students need a bathroom break.  I usually wait and let them go so they don't have to go during my instruction.  I am getting ready to start running a 2-group model in math.  One group will meet with me while the other group is reviewing concepts or practicing basic facts.  Then we will switch groups.  I hope this will help eliminate many of the distracting behaviors I have.

Content - After math, we have content.  On Monday we have health.  On Tuesday-Friday, we have science or social studies.  We have departmentalized content, but since there are 5 teachers, we need one teacher to teach both science and social studies.  I volunteered to do that since I'm outside in the portable and it just makes it easier if I have my homeroom for the whole time.  It has been a challenge learning the social studies curriculum this year, but I enjoy having my students for everything.  It is hard to teach someone else's class for half of the quarter and then switch.  Classroom management seems to go out the window during that time.

Stack and Pack and Dismissal - At 3:35, it is time to stack and pack.  I ask my students to pick up trash off the floor and help clean up the room.  They get packed up and are ready to go inside by the time the announcements come on at 3:40.  After the announcements are over, I walk the aftercare students to the gym and then go back to the pod to help dismiss the bus riders and walkers.

We changed our starting time this year, so it has been difficult to remember the new times for everything.  We also had to change our schedule because our county mandates that all students get 30 minutes for recess.  Last year, we only had 15 minutes.  The new schedule still takes some getting used to, but I like that the day is basically split in half.

Do you like your daily schedule?  Is there anything you would change if you could?

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